Tuesday, January 22, 2008


hey guys!! Well, I thought I would update things and let everyone see whats going on. I am a little half way over my trip and things are going very well. I am feeling a lot better after my sickness last week and have been able to work a bunch so far this week. I figure the best way to update is through pictures so here goes nothin'--

This is adam, he is so awesome!! He comes up to the clinic to bring his dad (guillermo) breakfast every day. I love seeing him!! We have fun jumping on the trampoline and he will often help me with work. He is so precious!!

This is Jesus (heysoos, as shane has told me to call him). He is my work partner in the gardens and works incredibely hard. I have so enjoyed his companionship and he is so faithful to get more work done then I could ever imagine. This dude is like 50 and totally works like a 25 year old. Its amazing!! He has been so patient to help me with my spanish and listen when im trying to say something. He had all of us over to his house with his family a few weeks ago and I have become good friends with his daughters. They are just the sweetest girls! Last week I went to church with them on saturday night and it was a wonderful time. Everyone was just great and fun to get to know. We are getting a plow for our fields today so we will be plowing tomorrow. That is very exciting!!

This is pictures of the vivero (nursury) we stopped by to pick up flowers for the pots at the clinic. It was absolutely amazing to see color in the middle of winter. I mean, seriously, there was every flower that I could imagine. It was so beautiful! We picked out several plants and flowers that are working wonderfully at the clinic. The girl with me in the pictures is Alexia, Julie and keiths daughter, and she is just precious! We have had a lot of fun and she has helped me on several projects. I am very grateful for the time we have had together.

Also, we have spent some time at the beach on the west coast. It is totally beautiful!! We are going again this sunday because we bought boogie boards in Tuxtla on Monday. Alex and I are really into this show "blue water high" which is an australian surf show with rediculously beautiful people that can surf amazing. Therefore, we want to be just like them. But, surf boards are expensive so we will boogie!! So, be ready to see some amazing pics of us on the surf this coming week.
Okay, I love you all so much!!! The work is going really great while at the same time the Lord has been revealing some really neat things in my heart. I am so thankful for this time.
Have a great day!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Infermo in Mexico

I need you all to pray that I get well soon. I have come down with some sort of flu or infection that has caused me to be bed ridden for the past couple of days. Its primarily fever, aches and a soar throat. I know that God is in control. I went to the doctor today and they have given me a couple of antibiotics to help. Hopefully, I will be up and around in the next day or so. Honestly, right now it is miserable I want to be working. Love you all!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mexico es muy bien

Hey everyone!! Okay, the 5-10 people who look at my blog. I know you have all been checking to see how things are going and I am sorry I havnt gotten to it yet. I kinda got thrown into a lot of

stuff-- projects, learning spanish and working so hard that I have to take a nap and I go to bed around 9pm. The average heat has been around 95 during the mid day and afternoon. We get started working at around 7:00 am. I work with a man name Jesus and the other guys who work on construction are beto and francisco. They are all really fun and they get a kick out of my attempts at speaking spanish. Even I get a kick out of it sometimes! They have all been very helpful. Right now, Jesus and I are working on a compost bin for the gardens we are going to be building next. Actually, we will first be running a water line to the gardens and then making the gardens. They are planning on creating earth boxes (i'll explain later) and taking them to the folks in the mountains to help them grow things. Its really awesome!! I have gotten a little sun-burnt over the past couple of days but I am trying to control it by wearing more sunscreen. Im not too good about that. Okay, so here are some pictures of where I am staying and the area I am in. I am very blessed. I ask that you all continue to pray that God would bless my time with diligence and focus. Thank you all so much! Love you!

This is my house while I am here. It is super comfortable and has blue and yellow walls (on the inside). I am really enjoying it!! The birds live right outside my window so I have a built in alarm system.

This is the casa de Wilson. Alex and I were fixin to go for a jog. As you can see there is a hamock out front and we found out quickly that two people dont fit on it! Ha!!

This is the clinic where we have campaigns and daily dental and eye exams. People will come as early as a day before and wait for their appointment. Everyone at the clinic is very nice. There is also a cafateria that serves great food and coffee. I love my coffee!!

Monday, December 31, 2007

nerves are normal, right?

wow, I leave for Mexico tomorrow and I am getting a little nervous. Im pretty sure it is the fact that I will be away from Shane and the dogs (jackson and charlie) for a whole month. I love Shane so much and I really cant imagine being away from him for that long. Though, I do know that it is Gods will that I go and He will provide the strength for both of us while I am away. I have pretty much everything ready. I dont think that I have done this much laundry in a very long time. So, I am going to go back to spending time with Shane before I go.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Mexico Bound

Hello All! I hope this finds everyone enjoying the holiday season...I know that I have.
Well, a lot has transpired over the last couple of weeks culminating into a mission trip that I will be taking over the month of January to Chiapas, Mexico. Long story short, I will be heading back to Chiapas with the Wilson Family (Julie has been my mentor for a couple of years) and returning in early February. I believe that this trip has been totally orchestrated by the Lord after experiencing all of the amazing things He has done to make it happen. I know that He has a lot in store for me while I am at the mission. I realize that this opportunity has come at a unique time in my life, at what seems to be the end of a very long chapter. The Lord has so faithfully sanctified my heart over this past year and I believe that the time in Mexico will be sealing what He has done. And so, I will be leaving on January 1st. I will regularely update my blog with news and pictures of the journey. Love you all!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

confronting reality

Admittedly, I am the product of two realities. One that consist of the physical circumstances that surround me, attempting to influence my decisions based on the natural processes of the world. The pressure is to allow cause and effect to be the determining factor of my fleshly choices. The second reality, the Truth, is the reality of the Supernatural. The Reality where I serve a righteous God who created ALL things and is in control of ALL things. The Reality that truly rules and reigns on this earth and sets everything in its place. Unfortunately, there is the evil component of the supernatural Reality that presses in on me every day. The evil that reigns on earth has so influenced the natural/physical reality that it has become a constant battle upon my flesh, attempting to convince me that it is Truth. Oh, how I long to make my home in the supernatural reality that is "Christ in me, the hope of Glory", to live guided by the Spirit of God and battling against the evil forces that make their home on this earth. To live in and not just speak of the Reality that is my inheritance in the Kingdom of God. In that place His Kingdom will come and His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I want to share this with all yall. The Truth is so simple and dont let anyone tell you differently!

What is Victory?
Watchman Nee

What is victory? In the Bible, victory is first mentioned in 1 Samuel 15:29 (ASV margin), where it says that Victory will not lie nor repent. Indeed, victory is a person. A thing is not a person, and a matter is not a person, but the Victory of Israel is a person. Victory is not a thing or an experience. It is not a matter; it is a person. We all know who this person is; He is Christ! I tell you that victory is not something from us. It is not our experience; it is a person! Victory is not a matter of what we are, but a matter of Christ living on our behalf. This is why the victory we have will not lie nor repent. Thank and praise the Lord that victory is a living person!Brothers and sisters, victory has to do with an exchanged life, not a changed life. Victory does not mean that one is changed, but rather that one is exchanged. We are very familiar with Galatians 2:20, which says, ''I am crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live in faith, the faith in the Son of God.'' What does this verse mean? It means that our life is exchanged. Our life is no longer in the realm of ''I''; it has nothing to do with us anymore. It is not an evil ''I'' being changed into a good ''I.'' It is to be ''no longer I.'' The greatest mistake we make today is to think that victory involves progress and that defeat involves the absence of progress. This is why we think that everything will be well if we do not lose our temper or if we have an intimate fellowship with God. We think if we have these things, we will overcome. But we have to remember that victory has nothing to do with us. We play no part in this victory. . . . Thank and praise the Lord that victory is Christ; it has nothing to do with us.

From: The Life That Wins by Watchman Nee